Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tips for keeping ur PC healthy

How to prevent PC break-downs?

To prevent Hardware problems

1. Proper Earthing
2. A good UPS
3. Proper shutdown
4. During rainy season disconnect telephone lines from modems.Lightning can damage  the modem and PC.

Software Problems

Viruses and Spyware
This is the most common problem faced by a PC user.When a PC is infected with malware(Viruses,spyware....) we contact a service engineer for help.Hardware engineers will inspect the PC and format the hard disk and reinstall the applications(in 99.99% cases).It may work for another 2 or 3 months and again  another attack of viruses.We follow the same procedure!!!Formatting,reinstallation.... this goes on...
Is there a permanent solution?
Our PC (Desktop or Laptop) is a  tool for doing some tasks.But most of the time we r doing maintenance of the PC instead of doing our work.
How can we prevent a virus attack?
Install GNU/Linux on ur PC.You can dual boot a PC(There will be  two operating systems).Using a boot loader u can select windows or GNU/Linux.
Pls follow these rules.
1.For internet access use only GNU/Linux.
2.If u want to use a pen drive or external usb hard disk pls connect the drive after loading GNU/Linux.


  1. Under Prevent Hardware problems I would like to add one more point

    GOOD SMPS, which gives clean Direct current to the motherboard