Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Green Computing

Normally we use desktop computers for running our applications.The average life of a PC is 3yrs.After that we upgrade/replace it.This upgradation is carried out in every organization/institution every three years.How can we stop this expensive upgrades? We do not get any value for this (Obsolete models).The hardware dealer will take the old PCs and install new ones.
Thin client computing is a solution for this.


1. No upgradation of PCs
2. Easy to manage and administer
3. Uses very low Power
4. Easy to configure and deploy applications.
5. Easily setup a computer lab within 3 to 4 hrs.
6. Green technology.Reduces electronic waste.

If u need a thin client solution pls mail ur requirements to offer free thin client solutions to educational Institutes.
We use free software(GNU/Linux).We have implemented LTSP in educational institutes.Switch to thinclients and keep our mother earth green!!!


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