Friday, March 4, 2011

Data recovery

Recovering data from a crashed/corrupted hard disk
There are two types of  hdd failures.
1. Logical failure
2. Physical failure

Logical failure
This include
a.Accidental deletion of files and folders
b.Accidental formatting of a partition
c.Accidental deletion of a partition
d.A corrupted partition(this can happen due to ageing of hdd,bad sectors in hdd,improper  shutdowns,viruses,power failures)

Physical failure
1.Burned PCBs
2.Read/Write head damaged
3.Read/Write head not initializing
4.Spindle motor not rotating
5.Accidentally falling down

When there is a data loss don't panic!!
Pls identify the problem.
whether it is a physical or logical failure
If it is a logical failure we can use data recovery tools(Softwares) to recover data.Pls do not try to install the data recovery software on the failed hdd.
Install the data recovery software on another PC and connect the failed hdd to the PC (as secondary) and recover data.
If it is a physical failure it is better to contact a Data recovery centre(with a 100% clean room facility) for recovering data.
When there is a data loss u can contact for help


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  2. Good post. Most people try to access the hard disk many times immediately after it become faulty. Sad thing is, still there are people who does not even heard about the term data-recovery. Another thing there is a confidentiality issue in data recovery - the recovered data should be safely transferred to the owner. So only give your hdd/storage device to a trustworthy person. Personally I know IB.Manoj and he uses powerful Free Software tools for data recovery and he is a an excellently good person we can trust for such high technical/confidential IT jobs.

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